Football Holiday

Well, with the Turkey Day Football Holiday upon us, I can already see the end of November in my sights, and this means one thing, and one thing only … Alex comes out of hiatus and returns to blogging. I think its time we all encourage him to do something really over the top on that Sunday, December 1. Something like going through an entire newspaper and blogging on every single article online. Naturally, that will happen after he posts his finished novel online and we all make it available through Morpheus/Kazaa/et al … relegating him to the ranks of artists who never see a dime from the fruits of their labor.

Needless to say, I’m getting weary of all my fave sites taking the holiday off and posting very lightly. My schedule works in reverse, of course. I see the extended holidays not as a chance to eat more food, watch more football, socialize with people, or catch up on shopping that we all know should have been done in June. No, I see it as downtime where I can vegetate in front of my PC and blather on incessently about whatever runs across my mind.

Speaking of which … The Simpsons draft is in the works … first draft is mostly complete and it will happen soon. It’s just turning into a little bit bigger project than even I anticipated.